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 As you now know what garden umbrellas are and their importance, then it is now time for you to look for the Best Garden Umbrella Manufacturer near you. If you are looking for one already then look no further as you are absolutely on the right page, Garden Umbrella is labeled as the Best Garden Umbrella Manufacturer in Bangladesh. Our factories are spread all throughout the country creating the best umbrellas for you. Whether it’s a Transparent Umbrella, Marketing Umbrella, or even a Garden Umbrella, we have been providing the finest quality of umbrellas for a very long time. Hence, if you ever need an umbrella or perhaps a garden patio then be sure that we would be always here for you. Garden umbrellas are a very popular kind of umbrella that different people seek. Weather is forever inconsistent and sometimes it can get very unpredictable. Therefore, it is always a good idea to set up an umbrella in your yard, by the swimming pool, or in your garden. The umbrellas not only provide shade from the sun but you can also relax while enjoying with your family doing outdoor activities. Not only does it serve the purpose of protecting people from the dreaded weather, as read above, but garden umbrellas can also come in handy for marketing and advertising purpose. The best Garden Umbrella price in Bangladesh ever.
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Garden Umbrella BD

Garden Umbrella Manufacturers in Bangladesh - we prefer to spend our leisure time with families with a nice looking outdoors or any parks full of green views to enjoy the relaxation apart from busy life. Here comes the point of Garden Umbrella. Why and which reason we set up these accessories among other types of furniture? Because it gives your yard decoration a complete look. A proverb is: "Rain is nature’s art; an umbrella is man’s art". It provides shades in sunny weather or rainy weather. Always keep in mind that an umbrella is not chosen only considering its appearance. Need to ensure the type, location, fabric, and mechanism.

You already know garden umbrellas and their importance. Are you searching for the best Garden Umbrella Manufacturer near you? Then you are on the right track. 

Garden Umbrella

Thanks to the predicted weather pattern of the country, garden umbrellas in Bangladesh have their demand curve going towards the sky at a very good rate. With this weather here in the country, garden umbrellas are now seen on the hands of most citizens that walk the street every day.Whether you are going to your work or taking a stroll in the park, garden umbrellas are that companion that you don’t leave your house without. Garden umbrellas come in handy under any weather circumstances. Here in Bangladesh, when we say the words “garden umbrella,” the first image that pops into our mind are those gigantic umbrellas that you see in gardens that help you protect from the scorching sun.At the very start, umbrellas were invented to help people survive the rain on the streets. However, as civilization became more advance, the temperature of the world also advanced towards hotness. And therefore, the sun became more and more exposed to our skin. Thus to seek protection from it, people turned towards lotions and sunblocks. But it still wasn’t enough to keep the heat away. And so, the umbrella came to the rescue of these people. Not only does it protect you from the sun and rain, even during the heavy snowfall, but umbrellas also become a very good shield.So before moving forward about a garden umbrella let's know a bit more about what a garden umbrella is.
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Garden umbrella double hat

What are the Garden Umbrellas?

Garden umbrellas also known as patio umbrellas are a common type of umbrella that is designed to provide shade outdoors under which more than one person can take shelter.By garden umbrellas, we mostly think of those giant umbrellas which we often see in fancy gardens, resorts, and by the swimming pools. However, these umbrellas are most commonly addressed as Patio Umbrellas and Parasols. Learn More..

Importance of Garden Umbrella in Bangladesh 

If you are living in Bangladesh, you should know by now the importance of a garden umbrella in the country. With the blazing sun showing off its hotness during the summer, the only way to protect yourself from the heat is by walking under a shade. And that is where umbrellas come in. Also, during the rainy season, there are heavy rainfalls throughout the day on most days during the season.Light umbrellas come in handy at the exact moment. There are umbrellas that are very easy to carry because of being lightweight and portable. Whenever you hear those clouds roar, you know it's time you prepare to take out your shield. Carrying an umbrella with you isn’t really that much of a trouble. And since in Bangladesh umbrellas are needed for most days in a year, the importance of garden umbrella is high. Learn More..
Garden Umbrella Price in Bangladesh

Why Use Garden Umbrella?

Enjoy Life Outside:

For over around 3years, our company designed outdoor lifestyle solutions. And the garden umbrella is the best one. We create beautiful, serviceable shade garden umbrellas to enhance outdoor commercial and hospitality environments so that you spend your leisure time outdoors at home.

Vacation at Home:

You can decorate your backyards with different umbrellas, including – colors and styles that are fully customizable for your needs. It can easily catch everyone’s eye and give you a fresh and relaxing view.

Safe & Comfortable:

Our Products are special because of their high quality. We strictly maintain a safe space and serve as a visual marker for you and others.  We focus both on design and comfort to decor the interior outdoors with elevated shade.

Garden Umbrella Price in Bangladesh

Premium Brand Garden Umbrella Price in Bangladesh

Our services & products maintain high-quality. To continue the pricing list, we first need to discover some important issues why our Garden Umbrella at the  price in Bangladesh. Even you can buy online from our shop​ at an affordable price.


Garden Umbrella BD provides an effective and stylish garden umbrella to enhance your yard or park beauty. We serve not only ordinary ones but also produce a customizable logo printed umbrella. Ours is not an average product. For this reason, we can proudly achieve the customer’s trust. The Garden Umbrella BD pricing list depends on many factors like:

  • Product sets – high quality & strong steel. 
  • Size: small, medium, and large.


A product portfolio depends on its high-quality elements. Our company strictly maintains these facts. For this reason, we have become the best garden umbrella manufacturers in Bangladesh. Our company provides various types of umbrella. Types are given below:

Why Choose Garden Umbrella BD?

Every production company’s success lies in how they maintain their client’s needs. Green Umbrella BD always bears in mind that time management and quality assurance are the two golden keys in every business strategy. It’s up to you from where and which company you decide to serve your products. Let’s discuss our points; why we actually build ourselves as a unique service provider.

Fast Delivery

We prefer the fastest delivery without leaving any scratch on the product quality. Our highly skilled workers maintain these issues very strictly, and they are mastered in this area. Feel relaxed and get in touch with us!

Quality Assurance

Our designers are innovative in their work, and they put their efforts into redesigning the umbrellas. Attractive one has no guarantee that it is as strong and long-lasting as shown. Our umbrellas are customizable and super strong.

Largest Inventory

Our factories are spread in various districts. Dhaka is one of them. And we assure you that ours will become the largest umbrella manufacturing inventories in Bangladesh.

Design Collections

Check out our latest and most trendy umbrellas collection on our webpage. And we have a vintage collection that is created with passion and love.

Secrets for Products and Services

Competitive Pricing

We offer the garden umbrella at the most reasonable price in Bangladesh. Sometimes we offer up to 60% OFF sale and Free Shipping on all of our products. But conditions are applicable. Let’s Enjoy great savings with standard retail pricing.

Product Quality

Most of our garden umbrellas are homemade in the USA with the best quality materials, including sunbrella, acrylic, or pacific fabrics. And these materials come from top-line manufacturers such as California and Galtech.


In conclusion, we love our works. We are always with you to answer your questions and help you to make the right decision. Our product price is not so high. Everyone can enjoy it. To us, client feedback matters most. And that’s the special way we do business.


Frequently Asked Question

  • Payments & Pricing: If you’re looking for the best Garden Umbrella Price in Bangladesh, then we are the best choice. Online payment methods include various major credit cards. We are flexible in your preferred payment options. Our company gives prepayment options and allow your account to be debited monthly according to the number of users.
  • How secure Garden Umbrella BD platform? We strictly maintain and take care of our customers accounts securities: All interactions with Garden Umbrella BD are encoded with SSL. Garden Umbrella BD's database is kept in a private network & restricted to any public internet access. Garden Umbrella BD doesn't store user passwords. For this reason, if our database were hacked, it would be impossible for the attacker to gain access and collect your data from your account.
  • Do you warranty your product? Yes! Garden Umbrella BD is famous for its high-quality products and services. Our umbrella has a lifetime warranty. Contact us for more details.
  • Do you supply parts for umbrellas? Well, it depends on your current situation. Most of the table umbrella companies do not support manufacturing replacement parts. If you are confused about which umbrella you have or want to buy, please e-mail us, including your name and phone number.
  • Do we offer refunds? Each purchase is specially ordered per umbrella brand and model-based and 100% non-refundable. For this reason, before confirming the order, feel free to ask us.
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